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  1. mtc918

    Wow, awesome Victor and Andy thanks for sharing your wisdom!

  2. Mudcitymangler

    Thanks for the interview! I was lucky enough to meet him and he was very humble and friendly. Lee Sklar is not only a world class bassist but also serious animal lover. If you want to hear some great chops check out some his very early recordings with “The Section.” Here is a quote from a guy on You tube “met Mr Sklar in Greensboro hotel lobby, told him I had all the Section albums. He did a double-take, and said “Oh, so you’re the one!” 🙂

  3. Mudcitymangler

    Want to hear some great Lee Sklar chops? Here is just an example from 1977 with The Section – Search “The Section – Suckers on Parade [Intro]; L.A. Changes” on YouTube or Copy and Paste this link:

  4. Enrico

    Great interview, important topics, as always Adam is a teacher of life than just music and bass, giving different and deep point of views to face the future and enjoy what we got!

  5. Simon94

    Great! I never thought that something so simple could be so effective! I’ll try it for sure 🙂 cheers from Italy

  6. josephmilstein

    Awesome first video! Well done! Looking forward to many many more. Kudos and congrats! Joey 🙂

  7. Korro

    Congrats on your new web presence Andy, your enthusiasm is as infectious as your playing! Can’t wait to see what you post next. All the best to you.

  8. Fleming

    wow , the first video is fantastic was fun and funky I ‘m excited Great=)

  9. JonStallan

    Great tones on this bass. Hopefully the auction goes well!

  10. roadraider70

    Adam was the head of the bass dept. at Atlanta Institute of Music, back in the day.
    I wanted to go there REALLY bad, but didn’t have the finances to do so.
    I joined the U.S. Army, and gave up 3+ years of my life, in order to pay for the music education I so desperately needed (& still do).
    Upon my separation from the Army, I was HORRIFIED to learn that the Veteran’s Administration did not have A.I.M. on their list of schools that they would approve of, so I couldn’t use my G.I. Bill money to pay for their tuition.
    What a catalyst for depression. 🙁

  11. Fwilkws1

    Wow, created two funky little riffs with this! Thanks Andy! Finally, a teacher that makes it make sense and useable.

  12. josephmilstein

    Great interview. I love how honest and open he was! Well Done!

  13. Fwilkws1

    Such a cool guy, the coolest thing about Metallica or any other band he’s been in. I heard Robert before I heard Flea so to me, Robert is my pioneering force in funk/punk/metal whatever you call it crazy and just a beast on bass. The kind of player that makes a band just sound better. Great stuff!

  14. craigman

    Great interview !
    Living in Nashville gave me a great opportunity to attend several of Adam’s Masterclasses at his Music Dojo. I have many notebooks from my studies with Adam that I reference all the time.

  15. josephmilstein

    Thanks Andy! Amazing video and lesson with your Custom, One-of-a-Kind GAMMA P16 in Juneau Green! I am smiling ear to ear and very proud to be a part of your venture and that GAMMA is part of your arsenal of great instruments. Exciting stuff! You have amazing bass chops, my friend! Cheers! Joey
    [email protected]

    • coolhang

      Joe –

      Were you at the “Lords of the Low End” event last year, or maybe the year before?

  16. andyirvine

    Right on!! cool video, thanks for posting here, she’s mighty mighty!

  17. Fleming

    a poured praise on you , your videos are cool and makes super fun .ps .the Gamma bass is beautiful, looking forward to the Hammersmith Bass is very nice 🙂

  18. PaulD

    Damn serious win for the funk club. It’s like 2 weeks in and its the shit

  19. gyrus

    Dominant 7… My favorite… What a well-presented lesson on how its use! Thanks. 👍

  20. Fleming

    Hey Andy great video was fun and the Bass beautiful style and sound more so 😉

  21. Flatbush

    Awesome video Andy. That Bass looks really cool. The reverse head stock is definitely value add for many reasons.

  22. Mcgiver69

    Hey Andy thanks for this video, it made me go back to the shed and practice those vibratos. I admit I never tried them before because I always thought they were more of a guitarist thing but oh my they sound fantastic on base when done with taste.

    Thanks again and congratulations on a great site.

  23. Steve

    Awesome interview!

  24. andyirvine

    Great interview, thank you Todd!! – AI

  25. Kitsapbass

    Good interview. Like how you ask about the personal stuff instead of the usual gear head stuff. I like the gear questions,..but what I like is how you ask the questions most don’t…

  26. Arjayray

    Bass Mechanics: crucial groove with Andy Irvine

    Truefire courses speak for themselves. The standard is always high, the production is great and the software is impressive. Bass players, however, are generally left with their noses pressed against the glass looking at the range of choice that guitarists have been afforded. This seems to be changing at the TFHQ recently though. With recent acquisitions tutor-wise, TrueFire will soon pop up on your online, bass-tutorial-website radar if it hasn’t already. The above accolades all apply to one of the newest release in their bass artillery ‘Bass Mechanics: Crucial Groove’ with Andy Irvine of Warwick/ YouTube fame.

    What does it boast?
    The course is aimed at intermediate players and promises to help you hone your ability to groove, regardless of the style you play. It offers to guide you through twelve “crucial” concepts and techniques that will help you build a diverse vocabulary to use when playing with others. The course is divided into two sections. First, the areas being focused on, e.g. palm muting, double thumbing, ghost notes, slapping, glissando, the list goes on. The second boasts twelve applications for you to put these techniques into real music and, hopefully, get them under your fingers. There is the usual addition of music notation, tablature and backing tracks. This is standard with TrueFire courses.

    Does it deliver?
    This course really does what it says on the tin and more. Andy delivers a really personable course with solid, enjoyable lessons, clear instruction and lots of personality. He never gets too technical, which is ideal for the intermediate player. You shouldn’t have to worry about rewinding (do people still say rewind in this day and age?) to follow the lessons. There is a little terminology but it’s all quite easy to follow. The techniques are all very useful and there’s a nice range of them. The funky slapping and double thumbing sections are sure to be more popular than the likes of ‘leaving space’ and ‘using restraint’ but any seasoned player will tell you that these are areas that most players don’t pay enough attention to. I’m happy to recommend this course to any intermediate (or thereabouts) players. Special tip, when viewed with the app (Windows, Mac or iOS), this course becomes a thoroughly enjoyable, seamless experience. You’ll have the video lessons, music notation/ tab and backing tracks all in the same screen – no need to fumble back and forth through computer files. Also, this course can be streamed via the TF website, downloaded to your computer or via the app, which makes for easy repeat viewing on your daily commute via iPad. It’s a thumbs up for me.Your Review

  27. JonStallan

    Sounds great, as does the rest of the band!

  28. Mudcitymangler

    Bobby Vega makes playing with a pick look effortless ! Keep Rockin! 🙂

  29. Mike Dean

    As a long-time fan, it was interesting to hear from another long-time fan, but a guy who gets to see it from the inside. The best live band in the country, and Ed is integral to that. Thanks for the Q and A.

  30. Fleming

    Hey Andy Very Great Lesson it was Naturally ,funny and informative ,gladly sit and watch your Lesson .Greetings Fleming =)

  31. Fwilkws1

    Great lesson Andy double thumb is a technique that has been troublesome for me and it’s great to hear that it really just comes down to practice and each of us have techniques we use that we are inherently a little better at than other some other techniques. Warwick’s are without a doubt my most favorite “sounding” basses and the Nordies really open up and enhance that meaty growl they possess.

  32. JonStallan

    Love that bass!

  33. lennue

    Great lesson Andy, thanks! I have a question though: How do you manage string crossings, e.g. doing a downstroke on the E string and then and upstroke on the A string? This seems much harder to me than doing it with a pick. Cheers!

    • andyirvine

      Yes much harder, I would agree, just makes it simple once you get it in your bag, to incorporate on the fly among many other right techniques. Like all things, practice slow and even, then when the tone and feel clicks in smooth and musical, speed it up to what ever tempo the music you’re playing or composing calls for.

  34. ian

    Great interview Andy. I love Carey’s passion and enthusiasm, not willing to give up when the going gets tough!

    Whilst fine tuning my basses on the weekend I had a couple of thoughts about pick-ups that may be appropriate to share with Carey. I set the pick-ups on my five-string basses 2.5mm from the B string, and 2mm from the G string. As you know distance makes quite a bit of difference to the gain, so it’s annoying that the distances to the E, A & D strings are not ideal. Does anybody make Bass pick-ups that follow the curve of the neck? And secondly, why don’t more PU manufacturers house them in finger ramps? I play over the double-J pick-up on my Infinity and miss it on my (single-J) Corvette.

    Keep up the good work:-)

    • Carey Nordstrand

      Hi Ian,

      Thanks for the kind words!

      Fine tuning the pole piece radius is a tricky thing. Not all basses have the same radius so there’s really no way yo get it right for everyone. We try to find a happy medium in the hopes that it will work well for most basses and honestly this has worked fairly well as we very rarely get complaints about string balance.

      Also, the way the pickup is made has a big impact on how we decide to stagger pole pieces. Single coils usually work great with flat poles until you get down to 9″ or so. So with our NJ4 single coils you can get them with 7.5″ stagger. Also, when we do split coils we have to stagger the poles to compensate for the null space in the magnetic field between the coils. Getting things to work right for most basses is probably the trickiest part of finalizing a pickup design.

      I’m not aware of anyone that makes aftermarket pickups that have a radius built into the cover. Again, it’s impossible to make a one size fits all version and bass makes use all different kinds of radii on their instruments.

      Hope that helps answer some of your questions!

      • Ian Lewis

        Thanks Carey and keep up the good work:-)

  35. jameyfarrington

    I was introduced to Ed through Bass Player magazine, and have always enjoyed his articles, columns, reviews, etc. His reviews of bass products and companies have been educational in my past gear purchases. The bass community is better when we have access to his wisdom. Thank you for the interview, and all the work that goes into this resource. Much appreciated!

    • andyirvine

      Thank you for you comments and support, and thanks to Ed for contributing!

  36. andyirvine

    Killer tone and playing!!

  37. iplay5strings

    Man, from you that means a lot!

  38. KatieTeague

    Bobby’s the man! He makes everything look good!

  39. Fleming

    Wow Andy very Great Video ,makes fun and top sound =)

    • andyirvine

      Right on, thanks for watching!

  40. daquinn

    That is the sweetest ever!! 🙂

  41. holdsg

    thanks for posting the interview. I admire what carey has built, and am a lover of his pickups. i have tried pretty much all of them, and my favorites remain the big splits (for jazz bass) and the Np4a (for p-bass). i finally found pickups to reproduce the sound in my basses that i have in my head…a’la “that’s what a Jazz bass should sound like”. And i am a committed user of Mo’s repair/mod shop services, a great asset to the nordstrand shop. keep up the good work! he didn’t talk about grilling/smoking though, which must be fodder for another interview at another time.

  42. Fleming

    hey andy I find your the daily funk club super , informative and creative, a great compliment to you and for your effort .Just wanT to say thank you .grEetings Fleming !

  43. bobby


  44. blaquepanther

    I like to run stereo on stage using the Ampeg pf350/seismic and the peavey max 115. Gives me a huge fat sound but still clear.. I love it.

  45. andyirvine

    Excellent! right on, thanks for sharing

  46. andyirvine

    hahahaha- awesome- you have a great attitude to playing bass!
    thanks for sharing!

  47. blaquepanther

    Any ideas or constructive criticisms welcome..i’m always looking to learn.

  48. jameyfarrington

    Every bass player has that signature song that folks talk about: for me, Lincoln brewster’s version of hillsong’s “salvation is here” is norm’s moment. a truly great bridge lick that captures the energy of Link’s vibe, while also showing the melodic capabilities of the bass. worth another listen for sure. great interview andy, and as always great leading questions from a bass player’s perspective. we do have a gift-and how we use it gives honor to the giver. humility in the music scene-and in life in general- is refreshing. as always, keep up the good work, and stay funky!

  49. musicianwarrior

    I’m enjoying the site & your videos, Andy. l2000’s rule! One of the greatest basses ever made.

  50. musicianwarrior

    Cool vid, as always. I have a reverse headstock on my L-2000 & love it.




    Hey Andy, How do you feel about that bass not having a tone knob, compared to more “traditional” P/J’s?


    Loving the sound of those Nordstrand’s on that! I’ve tried the pinch technique here and there recently, and found that I lose speed with it, though it lends a completely different funkier vibe to whatever i’m playing, that I love. Maybe speed will come later with more practice, or maybe it’s just not a technique I should be worried about getting speed out of, lol. Great vid!

  54. Bassologist96

    I’ve got the G&L L-2000 tribute and your explanation of the electronics has really helped me get a better understanding of my tonal capabilities with this weapon. Thanks Anyd 😀

  55. laurie

    tHIS was fantastic! I just returned from a visit to the Rock and roll hall of fame, and it’s overwhelming to see the influence rock has had on the world. Phil is a master and a legend, but also one of the nicest celebrities you could ever hope to meet. he treats everyone like a best friend; you can’t help but admire him and love him. it’s great to read about his origins and who influenced him. hard to believe he couldn’t read music! Blow by blow was one of my earliest lps and I never thought i’d get to meet the famous bassist one day! Great article.

  56. masongray

    you know, the point is such a good one that low cost instruments sometimes come to us and don’t separate what is good about it and what need work. I just played a jackson 5 string bass at an audition that cost me $200 when i bought it used. I had done a set up and had put some white nylon tape strings on it (the audition was for a band that needs a smooth, almost motown sound so i went that way). they were blown away by the sound and i HAD the gig before i FINISHED the first tune (having chops and coming prepared didn’t hurt either). their regular bass player plays a pretty expensive bass and he was just knocked out.

    If you haven’t tried it Find an inexpensive bass with good basic qualities, and mod it. you might find true love.

  57. musicianwarrior


  58. Birdman

    Love this one, Andy!

    • andyirvine

      Excellent Duder! Thanks for watching, good to see you here, Rock on!

  59. Rickgauthierjr

    Remco is such a badass. i love his right hand technique!

  60. Mudcitymangler


  61. Mudcitymangler

    Love the Chuck Rainey bass line in Steely Dan’s “Peg” – If you GET a chance check out the youtube video ( COPY AND PASTE: https://YOUTU.BE/WAIBA6_0GQC ) of chuck talking about how becker and fagen did not want him to slap on the song. Glad he did its a great tune!

    thanks andy – nice interview for the daily funck club !!

  62. billyroberts

    Thanks andy!
    That thing at the viper room was very inspiring and funky insane!
    just bought your course. can’t wait to dig in.

    …why does this reply box put everything in upper case?


    • gokarben

      fixed the uppercase with a little css tweak.

    • andyirvine

      Thanks buddy!

  63. Also Ryan

    cant see the link ?

  64. Rickgauthierjr

    man, i’m always so impressed by remco’s right hand precision.

  65. Rickgauthierjr

    I’m in the process of auditioning for a really competitive wedding band right now, they asked me to submit a bunch of videos playing certain songs, personal info, and a current photo of myself. the band manager called me and told me that while looking through the candidates with the band leader, he saw the picture of me playing my dingwall and i was instantly his first choice without even hearing me play! he figured anyone playing that bass is someone who takes their craft seriously. that’s some big time respect for sheldon and his crew!

  66. Mudcitymangler

    I agree watched many bass players start playing around / dialing in tone during the song which really prohibits the groove from staying tight !!! I avoid this !

  67. abcpro

    when Jaco’s record came out, the bass sound Jaco recorded changed the game for electric bass…

  68. Bassdude be

    Love this, thanks for sharing Andy! 😉

  69. yaralag

    Very nice guys!

  70. MaryE

    This is definitely an album where the sum of the parts is greater than the whole. The natural collaboration of the ensemble, excellent mix, and some ever-so-funky basslines, make every song fun to listen to!

  71. Hollenthon

    what an efficiently technique = wow

  72. Marcelo

    Great album; great playing, writing, tone, mix. Killing.

  73. BuddyFenderman

    I could go frantic about Andy Irvine’s last album, but I will just say that my neighbors hear it spin at full volume … several times a day… whether they want it or not! 🙂
    the influences in this album are varied, funky, colorful, surprising, exciting. Like a herd of
    thoroughbred horses release from captivity in a vast prairie the music flows through your speakers!
    When you think the funky pressure is at its max, that’s when you get some more (those claps on Glamour Hex .. on top of the skillful bass lines, wild drums guitars and brass).

    Definitely a must have!

    Paris, France

  74. BuddyFenderman

    A bit of rock, a pinch of laid back grooves, some Memphis sound and when you don’t expect for it some rolling thunder funk! The kind of album that gives you the vista to start the day.

  75. tk

    Awesome album! Everything on it has the touch of funk that makes you fall in love. Sweet bass tones throughout, but Swift Kick is the current fave!


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